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The Applied Air Services team has expert knowledge of all types of air conditioning systems.  We maintain and service large commercial buildings and manufacturing plants to domestic split and ducting air conditioning systems. We can also provide a complete building maintenance service including plumbing, fire and general maintenance repairs.


Do you want to save money and provide a healthy environment?


Regular preventative maintenance:

• keeps your system running smoothly & more efficiently for longer

• reduces energy consumption & operating costs

• minimizes replacement/repair costs & discomfort

• removes dust, debris, spores & bacteria from the air

•reduces emissions including greenhouse gases through energy conservation


How do we manage preventative maintenance?


• Carry out a complete audit of your equipment

• Computerize scheduling, programming and record keeping for each item of equipment serviced

• Provide computerized asset management of all mechanical services

• Our maintenance programs ensure compliance with all legislative requirements and meet the obligations of the property owner or manager



Building codes of Australia require mechanical ventilation, hot water, warm water and cooling water systems must be adequately maintained to safeguard people from illness or injury.


Australian Standards require  that property owners or occupiers must implement a maintenance program to sequentially record the maintenance carried out.


Maintenance saves you money!


Dirty air conditioning costs – without regular maintenance air conditioning  typically loses 5% efficiency each year.


Proper maintenance can save up to 10% of space conditioning energy usage.


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