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Conditioning each of the 286 apartments in the Regent Street building is Daikin Slim line series ducted units. Each Fancoil unit is located near the door entry and ductwork supplies that area. The front corridor entry to each unit acts as a plenum return air for each unit. The return air filters are located at the unit which can be accessed through the return air grille in the same location. The wall control is located as you walk through the front door with the A/C being activated by the card reader.


The A/C system is a Daikin water cooled VRV, 2 centrally mounted condenser with multiply heads per floor.

Water cooled by one cooling tower at roof level and main condenser water closed loop circuit to the lower levels

The stair pressurization system comprises of 2 VSD drive fans at roof level supplying air through the stair ways protection the tenant in the event of a fire.


The lobby relief fan functions in the same fashion although it extracts any smoke build up in the lobbies of each level; it also activates and protects tenants in the event of a fire.


Ground Floor A/C In this area there are 2 units one unit for general condition space including staff areas with an additional unit for the gym area, both activated by wall controllers at the end users discretion.


Basement Car park There are 2 basement levels in with 2 fans are installed one being an supply air fan the other being a extraction fan both fans are activated by the control of 4 CO sensors through both basement, Both fans operation in fire mode as well as added protection for any person in the basement in the event of a fire.



Each bathroom has its own ceiling mounted exhaust fan mounted and is controlled via the light switch. Each exhaust connects to a single duct per apartments and is discharged locally near each apartment balcony.


The carpark has one fan which is located in the basement. The fan is controlled via CO sensor located in various locations around the carpark. The Mechanical Services Switch Board (MSSB) is located in the basement adjacent to the car park exhaust fan. The carpark fan can be controlled manually via the Fire Indication Panel located at the front door.

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